Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing.

Adjusting to fast-changing environments requires boldness, non-linear thinking and extreme ownership. We give enterprises all of this when building and scaling companies, technology hubs or internal transformation engines.

We accelerate venture and product building for large enterprises

Your objectives are matched with the right engagement model. No matter where and how we create new businesses, products or revenue streams, our focus is on impact, quality and value leveraging technology and data. Ideas get you started – and our outcome-driven execution will set you apart.
Company Building
Company Building

Build to scale: Creating new revenue streams and business models (e.g., marketplaces, platforms, ecosystems) building digital growth potential. Our experts take it from the first hypothesis to product-market fit, unlocking value with our proven execution framework, measured and outcome focused. We create the product, the technology, recruit the right talent, and build up operations, steering and funding models.

Technology Hubs
Technology Hubs

Made to execute: Controlling the core the tech-stacks of our business is key for almost every company’s success. Growing technology and data platforms that give you the potential to differentiate services how you want. We plant technology hubs within or outside of your organization so you can internally build, maintain and own technology services with in-house talent. Each client receives a unique way to win and retain talent and cultivate groundbreaking IP.  

Internal Transformation
Internal Transformation

Becoming the best: Helping businesses execute purposeful transformations on a continuous basis. We match strategy and objectives with skills in product- and data-driven environments, including steering models that drive technology modernization and enhance working methods, optimize budgeting based on the logic of Venture Capital and lead changes in people and culture with execution and outcomes as top priorities.

Our work

For over 10 years, we’ve helped the world’s largest and most innovative companies build ventures and transform into product-driven powerhouses. Our expertise is in platform business, marketplaces and deep tech. Our client portfolio is always growing, but here are examples of what we’ve built:

Our execution framework

There’s no magic path to building fast and successful tech companies, tech ventures or digital products. The most effective way to gain traction and secure new funding milestones is by anchoring innovation to objectives and tangible value. From strategy to scaling, our strong and validated 5-phase execution framework for building tech companies, tech ventures or digital products ensures speed, focus and checks and balances at every step:
Explore the benefits and risks of building a digital model, identify a key hypothesis and determine which unique assets to leverage for the tech venture, tech company or digital product company.
Cut the key hypothesis into actionable pieces, outline a precise early feature set while validating against market data and find the perfect starting point to launch both product and venture.
Minimal Viable Product & Venture (MVPV)
Unleash a team of experts to iteratively build a running tech venture, tech company or digital product.
Product-market fit
Hit the public market, improve until early objectives are won, go from market push to market pull and initialize next funding round.
Use the success of the MVPV to win funding, strengthen business operations, grow technical platforms for new use cases and scale to achieve more business opportunities and customer loyalty.

Our expertise and teams

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To shape a truly unique tech company, tech venture or digital product, you need diverse experts who can validate and execute all ideas and solutions. Our in-house teams test and reach success benchmarks in unison, collaborate in fast feedback loops and work in traceable, fully documented ways.
Company Building
  • Igniting entrepreneurial spirits in organizations.
  • Leading funding strategies and charting paths to more equity.
  • Setting up legal, financial and organizational structures and tooling.
Product Engineering Design and Data
  • Prioritizing paths to product viability.
  • Setting up and steering product discovery and delivery processes.
  • Laying technical foundations.
People Experience
  • Employing those with long-term commitment to success. 
  • Instilling a holistic process for enablement and growth.
  • Helping employees thrive within company culture.
Business Development & Operations
  • Executing go-to-market.
  • Driving core vision and KPIs.
  • Building and managing operations (logistics and warehousing, payment, insurance, etc.).
Digital Marketing
  • Ensuring fast market entry with performance-driven channels.
  • Building specialized marketing teams.
  • Tracking and generating user conversions at launch.
Your business’s success shouldn’t have limits. Neither should your career. If you’d like to join KI challengers, we have positions available across all teams.
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About us

KI challengers is the strategy, transformation and company building arm of KI group, home to >250 experts in the digital space. From investing to building digital products, KI group covers every aspect of bringing holistic solutions and systemic changes in enterprises. 

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KI challengers works with xgeeks, a KI group company, to differentiate its platforms and engineering services. Specializing in software implementation and execution, xgeeks builds solutions for start-ups, scale-ups and Europe’s biggest companies.

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Our investment portfolio

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Investing in, co-founding and incubating the next generation of entrepreneurs, solvers and creators via KI capital, the investment arm of KI group.
We believe health is the foundation of happiness.
The way to borrow money today.
Backing category leaders from the start.
carbon direct
Combining scientific expertise and financial capital.

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